Zebra Howorthia

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Zebra Howorthia is also known as zebra cactus. It is a succulent plant but not a cactus. The name zebra derives due to the white stripes on its leaves. We come up with indoor air purifying plants online that fill the ambience of your home. The plant is attached to a showpiece that will brighten your room. Our house plants have air cleaning elements that keep your family salutary. The height of the showpiece is 9.5 tall.


  • This plant has air-cleaning properties. Thus, it counts as one of the air purifying plants, NASA verified.  
  • Zebra Howorthia helps to balance humidity in your home. It prevents sore throat, common cold, itchy throat.  
  • Unlike other plants, they will not release carbon dioxide at night. Zebra plant supplies oxygen throughout the day.  

Caring tips:

  • It is an indoor, thriving plant. Please do not put it straight under the sunlight.  
  • In summer, water it thoroughly once in 12 days yet in winter keep it confined. 
  • During the summer, feed fertilizer once a month but don’t provide it in winter.

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