Syngonium Plant with Metal Pot and Handmade Stand

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Syngonium plants are the perfect gift item and showpiece to decorate your space. These plants are low maintenance plant that grows quickly and beautifully. It helps to decorate corners perfectly and spread all around the room. It will absorb all the toxins and increase the amount of fresh air. We provide you the best indoor plants online to use for the gifting purpose and decoration. We offer you pot along with a Handmade stand, which is 4 inches tall. Hence, these accessories will help you to adorn your room. 

Benefits of Syngonium

  • Syngonium can grow in bright indirect sunlight and in dim light too.
  • They have rapid growth, which can also be seen in lesser days.
  • This plant spread out quickly in all the direction, which makes it a perfect decorating product.
  • These are air-purifying plants, NASA suggested, which also creates healthy air quality.

Caring tips for Syngonium

  • Don’t cut their steams and try to grow them long.
  • Trim its edges while watering it as the vine proliferates.
  • Fertilize the plant once in two months.
  • Water it twice a week
  • Grow Syngonium in bright yet indirect sunlight

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