Marigold and Guldaudi Combo with Metal Pot

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The art of the marigold plant is admirable whereas Guldaudi can bloom your space with its beautiful cherry blossom. Another name of Guldaudi plant is Chrysanthemum blossoms. It is hard to deny but nature has crafted these plants beautifully. In the variety of sun shades, marigold plant can bloom & brighten your balcony. But on the other hand, Guldaudi can add starts to your balcony. We sell the best indoor plants that have air healing properties. Our plants come in a 4inches unbreakable pot.

Benefits of Marigold & Guldaudi Plants

  • Marigold carries natural antiseptics in it, that helps to cure your skin.
  • Marigold protects you & your family from harmful UV rays.
  • Marigold plant will reduce the risk of eye infection and sore throats.
  • Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Guldaudi, you can cure several diseases risk.
  • Chrysanthemum blossoms are also used as the main ingredient to prepare a healthful tea.

Care Tips for Marigold & Guldaudi Plant

  • Keep these plants at balcony for direct exposure of sunlight.
  • Water it twice a week
  • Moderately change their soil as they are low care plants.

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