Kalanchoe with a classy Stand

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All we want is a low maintenance plant and nothing could be better than Kalanchoe. This succulent plant is also known as Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. These plants have long-lasting blooms that will brighten your space for a longer time. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is available in several colours that will suit your room. We provide our succulent plant with 5inches pot and a nice stand of 12 inches!

Benefits of Kalanchoe

  • It will reduce the level of airborne dust level and carbon dioxide. Thus, it is considered an air-purifying plant Nasa
  • In winter, you will not feel a dry or sore throat, if Kalanchoe blossfeldiana place at your home.
  • Not only humans but Kalanchoe is also air purifying house plants safe for pets

Care tips for Kalanchoe

  • These plants are both indoor & outdoor. However, we advise you to keep them inside on the bright exposure of sunlight.
  • As it has thick leaves that store water for the days. You are required to water it twice a month.
  • Fertilize it once in a season.

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