Air Purifying Combo with Unbreakable Pots

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Rs. 749 Rs. 1,000

We bring an excellent deal for you, where we provide you a combination of indoor air purifying plants online. These plants are not only great for planting but also for gifting purposes. Our snake plant can preserve health from the impure air which we face throughout the air. It is one of the best offices hanging plants, and for home, any corner can look pretty with it.  

Aside from home décor, money plants help to promote your business. Please place it in the southeast direction of your office/home from where it will indicate the sign of auspiciousness and bring prosperity to your family as well as business.   

Benefits of Snake Plant & Money Plant 

  • Money plant soaks all the negative, and in return, it provides you positive energy. It is also referring as plants for productivity.  
  • In Asia, place a money plant at the entrance of the southeast direction of the home/office. It will bring prosperity and money.   
  • The snake plant is air purifying plants indoors that prevent harmful toxins from entering the room.   

Caring tips for Snake Plant & Money Plant  

  • Snake plant is a low maintenance plant. Water it when it starts becoming dry  
  • Money plants can also be maintained in low light. However, water it regularly.



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Not good

The plants is not planted in the pot and also one of them is dried.
Actually from 4 plants almost 3 has been dried. Because they were not properly planted in their respective pots.