• Jade Plant with Square Pot
  • Jade Plant with Square Pot
  • Jade Plant with Square Pot

Jade Plant With Pot

Product Contains

Reasons to love this:

  •  A Natural Air-Purifier!
  •  Known As Lucky Plant!
  •  Very Easy to Grow, Perfect for First-Time Plant Parents!
  •  Reduce Headaches and Dizziness!


Key Points
    Indoor  Appreciate Bright Light at least Four Hours A Day
    Height 10 to 15 inches
    Watering water your jade plant when the top of soil is just dry to the touch
    Scientific NameCrassula ovata
    Blooming Time winter and spring

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    Fully satisfied to adopt a plant from Leafafa... And one more word to say i loved ur website name LEAFAFA

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    The plant was well packed and delivered healthy. Tips were also shared on how to take care of the plant.

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