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#1 Online Flower, Cake, Plant & Gifts Delivery Portal In India

Touch Your Loved One's Heart by Gifting Happiness.


What is another name for happiness? Love, Satisfaction, Care. When all these emotions get the blend, happiness takes birth in your life. Often, we become happy when we bring a smile to our loved ones' faces. However, it needs sweet little gestures that make your loved ones delighted. By expressing our emotions, we can create happiness around us... Show More

Express your emotions with sweet little gifts that bring a wide smile to your desired person's face. Happiness takes place when you are contented or your loved ones are delighted. Besides, peace of mind is also crucial to feel relaxed. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a priority to make self-love because if we can't love ourselves, how can we love others.


Gift yourself some fresh flowers or a piece of cake randomly, and you will realize how special you are to yourself. Also, don't forget to surprise your loved ones with delightful gifts. Thus, we take the oath to design your loved ones & your happiness with our cute gifts.


Leafafa brings celebrations for you. Now celebrate any day to every day. We should not find a reason to celebrate when you feel joyful vibes- celebrate it. We made your celebrations more manageable and memorable through our services. Ignite the spark in your relationships and make your celebrations cherishing for an eternity.


At our shop section, you will find a massive collection of numerous products. Especially those who want to give a unique gift, they won't return with broken expectations. We are all set to be the part of your festivities.


Bring Fresh Aura of Floret


Is there anyone who hates flowers? Undoubtedly, no one hates flowers. Be it a man or woman, every gender & age group cherish flowers. Flowers have a unique beauty that can attract anyone. Aura of the flower can touch your soul and blooms your spirit.


We send flowers for all occasions even if there will be no occasion at all. The simplicity of the flowers can touch anyone's heart. Regardless of the time, flowers are a go to go gift for all events. They symbolize the purity and beauty of your life & relation. It might be a traditional gift, but it can never be old.


Taste Sweet Delicacy


No one can resist chocolate, be it a kid or an adult; we all love to eat chocolate. When the melting flavor of the bar pounds our taste buds, we feel surrounded by peace & heaven. Chocolate embraces us in its warmth with its soothing flavor. You will find various flavors that keep your soul alive at our chocolate section—gift chocolates to your loved ones to enhance your relation's sweetness level.


Eat A Piece of Cake


Occasions or no occasions, we can eat cake at any time of the year. Our pastry chefs are highly trained in maintaining the quality and presentation of the cake. It is one of the mouth-watering desserts; any event would be incomplete without a piece of cake. Leafafa delivers fresh & delicious cake at your doorstep; we help you remember the event's taste for a lifetime.


Always Yes to Gift Box


Who doesn't like a gift box? We all love to unwrap the gift wraps and open the mysterious box. A gift box is like a chamber of secrets from harry potter. An exciting gift is waiting for us in the box, yet we are unaware of it. If you want to surprise your loved ones with a mystery box, we can prepare it for you. Also, on customer's demand, we customize the sweetest gift box for them.


Go Greener & get Healthier


Regardless of whether you are a homemaker or not, we all love to decorate our home. Nothing could be better than plants to decorate a house. Plant decoration brings contrast in your home and more on that they offer health benefits. In fact, for a unique gift idea, you can gift a plant to your friends, family, or anyone.


Why Choose Us?


Our website is user friendly; one can easily search their desirable products and shop without hassle. We have a professional team who respond to you quickly and assist with your problems. The fastest delivery service will provide to you once you make the order. We have a vast number of unique gift ideas on our website.Show less


What our customers say about us!

  • Deepanjali Thapa

    I ordered a peace lily, which was delivered the very next day. The service is quick and the price is very reasonable as compared to the other sites. I prefer this site over others.

  • Neha Sharma

    I bought a lilly plant and the packaging is really appreciable ,coming the plant and pot both are fresh and in good condition very affordable must buy !!

  • Pooja Piplani

    I ordered 2 plants in morning around 10am, and the plants were delivered in evening at 7pm. The service and delivery is really impressive and team is very helpful.

  • Parul Chaudhary

    Fully satisfied to adopt a plant from Leafafa... And one more word to say i loved ur website name LEAFAFA

  • Sonam Dua

    The plant was well packed and delivered healthy. Tips were also shared on how to take care of the plant.

  • GOPI krishan

    1.Seamless delivery
    2.Great attention to the customer
    3.Plants are brilliantly packed and have great significance.

  • Namita Malik

    Awesome experience, quick delivery, and replace ment of plant as per policy. I experienced all this in awe. Excellent people, wish them the best. Thanks 😌😍

  • Soumi Pal Basu

    I ordered a ZZ plant from Leafafa.com. I wanted to try out this online plant shop after having succesful tryst with a few others. And Leafafa didn't disappoint me.